Miren Is A Speedy Alternative Browser For Android

Android: Whenever Lifehacker examines the Android browser space, Miren enthusiasts tend to pipe up in the comments. I can understand that enthusiasm: because of its speed, Miren is the current go-to browser on both my Android devices.Miren is a super-quick, lightweight web browser that offers some serious browsing speed on both Android phones and tablets. With its minimalist layout in full screen mode, it gives you an uninterrupted view of your websites and RSS feeds.

Other handy options include swipe controls for moving forward and back, scrolling via your device's volume control button and brightness controls. Miren is a free download for Android devices.

Miren [Android Market]


    I read this article using Miren! It's going well.

    I used to use Miren until Opera Mobile was updated a few months ago with all of its bells and whistles. Nothing is smoother or faster than the latest Opera Mobile on my phone.

    I briefly tried Miren before, but wasn't overly impressed with it. Dolphin Mini does a good job at being lightweight, but the biggest attraction is definitely tabbed browsing. Opera was very smooth to use, but I reverted back to Dolphin quickly once lack of tabs got the better of me.

      Opera has tabs, they're just hidden behind a press of the menu button.

    I like dolphin browser hd

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