How Do You Resolve Music Battles At Your House?

I saw these Philippe Starck-designed Zikmu speakers from Parrot in action last week, and they’re pretty impressive. As well as posing the issue of which of the five colours you would choose and whether you can justify spending $2,000 on a pair of speakers, they also sparked another question in my mind: what happens when more than one person wants to use them?

The speakers let you stream audio via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, which makes it easy to access music from your PC or mobile devce. But the streaming works on a “last in, best dressed” basis, so that means if you come home and don’t want like what someone else has put on, you can simply link your own device and override them. Until they override you, and you override them, and then the spaghetti and crockery starts flying.

Even if you don’t have high-tech streaming options, the question of who gets to blast their preferred audio around the house is a challenging one. I can feel a poll coming on:[imgclear]

Feel free to share your household music rules and choices in the comments.

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