Enjoy The Extra-Long Weekend

Ah, there's nothing like Friday and Monday and Tuesday off, is there? Lifehacker won't be disappearing entirely over the break, of course, but we will be publishing on a reduced schedule.


    Bah, stupid Tasmania not observing Easter Monday in lieu on Tuesday. I'll be back in the office after 4 days :( Enjoy your time off Gus!

    "Ah, there’s nothing like Friday and Monday and Tuesday off, is there? "
    Yes there is. Work for a Univeristy, get an extra day as defaul (Tue) AND Wed in lieu of Monday (ANZAC day). Then take Thu and Fri as leave days = 10 days off for the cost of 2. Gold!

    or try knowing that with only 3 days on next week there is no way possible to get the current project completed and out the door by it's due date... rather have more time to do my job properly than know i'm going to fail... thanks, but no thanks... how can i relax..?

    Any good project manager would have blocked out the long weekend as non-working days and set expectations with stakeholders accordingly.

      ah, see, you used the word "good" there... first mistake... unfortunately the industry i work in doesn't allow for them to be "good", at best they get things done... so it was no surprise that thursday morning i was given a revised set of plans that made the previous week pretty much a write off... all i can do is steel myself for a very rough wed-fri next... [cabinet maker in the exhibition industry ftr...]

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