Stop Firefox 4 From Trimming URL Previews In The Status Bar

Stop Firefox 4 From Trimming URL Previews In The Status Bar

You may notice that when you mouse over a link in Firefox, the URL preview in the status bar is trimmed down to save space. If you’d rather see the whole URL, you can do so with a simple CSS tweak.

While it’s nice that Firefox tries to save me space, the preview is pretty much useless on pages with long URLs, since you can’t see the entire URL. Not only is this annoying for certain pages, but can be a security risk, since you might not be able to see where a specific URL is going to lead you. If you’d like Firefox to just suck it up and show you the entire URL, no matter how long, you can just add these few lines of code to your userChrome.css file:

statuspanel { max-width: 100% !important; }

This tells Firefox to let the status panel take up the entire width of Firefox’s window if it has to. You can change the percentage from 100 down to something like 50, if you’d only rather expand it to 50 per cent of Firefox’s width. However, this will probably still leave you with a lot of cut off URLs. You can also install the previously mentioned Status-4-Evar extension to get the old school status bar back, which fixes this annoyance.

Firefox 4 URL Trimming, Display Full Web Addresses [GHacks]


  • Thank you for posting this. I couldn’t find anything half this helpful on Mozilla’s forums.
    But there is an additional annoyance: sometimes the text pops up on the left side of the screen and sometimes on the right side. Do you know of a way force it to always be in the same place so I don’t have to look for it?

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