Build Computer Cooling Into Your Desk

Build Computer Cooling Into Your Desk

If you store your PC in a closed cupboard, it can get pretty hot. DIY weblog IKEA Hackers shows us how to build a bit of PC cooling into our desk.

Many desks have large cupboards that may be the perfect place to store your PC tower, or, more often, your laptop hooked up to an external monitor. The problem is, it can get pretty hot back there without adequate ventilation. IKEA Hackers reader Jesper solved this problem by installing some old PC fans into the desk itself to keep his computer cool — all it requires is a little bit of woodworking.

He recommends short-circuiting a power supply and using that to power the fans, but that just seems like overboard to us. You could give it a try, but you could also get good results by converting them to USB power as shown in this DIY laptop cooler. Hit the link to read more.

[IKEA Hackers]


  • Pretty good solution since it takes up so little space. I hook my laptop semi-permanently to an external monitor but have never thought of enclosing it. If I ever choose to go that route I’m going to remember this. I’d probably place my laptop over a cooling pad, then place additional fans at an angle so the heat rises away from it and have a vent somewhere near the top or something like that.

  • Hmmm. So where is the heat from the PSU going.

    As per the first commenter, use a regular fan. Why use 4 of those size (why not 8 or 16 really small ones if going for some geek thing of lots of noise and lights).

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