When Blu-ray Digital Copy Is A Dud

When Blu-ray Digital Copy Is A Dud
ImageThe notion of providing a digital copy for portable watching is one of the selling points for many commercial Blu-ray titles, but unfortunately the reality rarely matches up to the marketing hype.

As Nick over at Gizmodo explains in a lengthy and entertaining piece, his attempts to access the digital copy of Zack And Mimi Make A Porno suffered twin blows: the digital copy won’t work at all on a Mac, and even on a PC it comes with so many restrictions, it’s very hard to resist the urge to download a functional torrent of the movie instead.

Judging by the comments over at Giz, the most common commercial solution to this dilemma is to offer a digital copy via iTunes. While that solves the Windows versus Mac issue, it doesn’t provide much solace if you don’t use an iPod. (Sure, you can argue that’s 80% or more of the market, but that would also apply in a Windows-versus-Mac scenario.) If you want to rip a digital copy from DVD for your personal viewing pleasure, check out our Hive Five of the best DVD ripping tools.

Why Are Movie Studios So F%&king Stupid? [Gizmodo]


  • Who watches movies on an iPod?? Apple TV anyone?

    I don’t know why more people aren’t sold by Apple TV. Given its ease of use, selection (really very good these days) and pricing, it’s a no brainer for any modern household that likes to watch movies.

    Everyone I’ve shown in to has been amazed (and several have gone out and bought their own). The interface is excellent, selection good, HD picture quality right up there (although not BluRay) and if you’re with iiNet, it’s all quota-free.

    So really, why even bother with some half-assed BluRay doppelganger?

  • i play movies on my 360.. cant wait till the video marketplace gets launched in a month or 2. xbox marketplace including videos is free on iinet 2 🙂

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