Skype Launches Shopping Site, Nothing To See Here

skypeshopSkype has rolled out an Australian site for buying Skype-certified headsets, phones and other accessories. However, while the company promises comparison shopping, the reality is a lot blander.

You can access the shopping site via the web or through the shop link in the Skype client. At a launch event in Sydney today, Skype officials emphasised that the site was designed as a comparison shopping application, helping users find the best price or delivery options on Skype-certified headsets, webcams, phones and other accessories. (The backend is managed by

In practice, that doesn’t seem to make much difference. I could only find a couple of products on the site in the headsets category that were being offered by more than one supplier, so it’s hardly a good option for scoring the best deal. If you do spot something you like, whacking that name into a comparison shopping engine such as Static Ice would seem like a sensible step to actually find the best price.

Skype Shop


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