Merry Christmas From Lifehacker

LHXmas.jpg Lifehacker Australia is heading off to enjoy the Christmas celebrations. There'll be updates from the US intermittently (did someone say workaholic?), but no local posts until Monday December 29 (well, unless something really exciting happens and we can't help ourselves). Enjoy your festive season and remember to put your wrapping paper in the recycling bin.


    Merry Christmas to the Lifehacker team. Thanks for your hard work during the year. Look forward to the New Year postings.

    Merry Christmas Lifehacker, thank you for providing me a great read during this year. Looking forward to more new content next year!

    Ho ho ho,


    29th of January? Pretty sure you guys dont need a holiday for over a month? :P

    Correct! D'oh! Gotta remind myself: check dates more carefully . . .

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