What matters more: carrier or phone?

Samsung U900 single.jpgSamsung launched its U900 mobile phone today, promoting it as part of its Beijing Olympics sponsorship campaign. To my mind, there’s a much more interesting feature to the phone: it’s going to be available on every major local carrier simultaneously. To put that into some sort of perspective, the last time this happened with a Samsung phone was in 2005, according to the company.
Being available on multiple networks makes life simpler for everyone: if you’ve got an existing account you can just move over, if you want to make a switch you’ll have a choice of options and pricing plans (the official RRP for the U900 is $699, but shopping around closer to the July release is bound to turn up a range of options).
Nonetheless, such an approach remains a rarity. When it comes down to the crunch, what do you consider first: the phone or the plan? It’s becoming disturbingly evident that for iPhone users, the answer is “the phone, my kidney can be sold if necessary”, but what about for the rest of the market — that is, most of us?

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