3 slices data costs on 3G video content

It might still be seeking outside help to sell iPhones, but 3 is launching a new series of phone plans in Australia which offer something we’ll predict the new iPhone plans won’t: video content for free. The plans, which go on sale from July 3 and range between $29 and $199, include the usual features (fixed value for voice and SMS calls) but also include a “selection” of free content in one of three categories: News (including ABC, Sky News, News Limited and Fairfax), Sport (including some of the news brands plus Foxtel and Sportal) or Fun (Project Runway and various other TV projects). This isn’t quite the all-you-can-eat data found overseas (or even in the more basic 3 X Series plans), but it’s still a good step forward, and a neat way to get into 3G video without costly subscriptions.

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