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Get A Killer Midday Workout On Your Wheeled Office Chair

We’ve seen chair-based workouts before, but those just have you sit and step on a stationary chair. Trainer Kaisa Keranen amps up this idea with a quick workout that takes advantage of the best part of your office chair: the wheels.

Focusmusic.fm Is Simple, Minimal And Streams Music To Work To

Music for productivity comes in various forms, but if you’re the type who enjoys non-vocal electronica in the background while you get stuff done, Focusmusic.fm delivers. Best of all, it’s in a simple, minimal interface with few controls and no playlists or other tools to distract you.

Bring Up Siri On MacOS Sierra With A Keyboard Shortcut

Mac: Siri is one of the landmark features in Sierra, but while you can call it up in three different ways, a keyboard shortcut is probably the most useful.

Computer Glasses Showdown: Gunnar Optiks Vs. Uvex

Gunnar Optiks and Uvex computer glasses both promise to reduce eye strain, prevent computer-related headaches, and be comfortable to wear for long periods of time. But Uvex’s basic frames, while not even remotely as visually appealing as the Gunnar line, are a fraction of the cost. Let’s see who is victorious in this battle between beauty and the beast.

Keep Chrome Web Pages From Jumping Around On Your Android Device

Android: If you use Chrome on your Android phone, you may have noticed a little quirk when you open a new tab. As the page loads, your pages will jump around. AddictiveTips.com explains how to keep this from happening.

How To Stop Apple Pay From Popping Up When You Accidentally Double-Tap The Home Button

iOS: Apple Pay is neat, and as it get more and more integrated into iOS, there’s a good chance you’ve set it up to use in apps even if you never use it at stores. By default, Apple Pay pops up on the lock screen when you double-click the Home button. This can be annoying. Here’s how to stop it from happening.

Turn A Raspberry Pi Zero Into A Miniature Dongle Computer

Video: The Raspberry Pi Zero’s best feature is its size, but that comes at the cost of ports. DIYer Node figured out how to turn the Pi Zero into a dongle computer so it can tether itself directly to another computer’s network through USB, making it much easier to use.

Ease Into 'Deliberate Learning' With The Five Hour Rule

Deliberate learning, when you set aside time and effort specifically to learn, helps you make progress mastering a new skill because you’ve dedicated time to thinking and reflecting. But finding the time can be tough, so use the five hour rule, where you set aside five hours a week to better yourself, to ease into it.

You Can Adjust Your Torch's Brightness In iOS 10

iOS: The latest iOS update made some big changes to iMessage, but that’s not all Apple updated, of course. One feature you may have overlooked? You can now adjust your torch’s brightness level if you have a 3D touch-enabled iPhone.

Speedify 4.0 Uses Wi-Fi And Mobile Data At The Same Time For Better Speed And Reliability

iOS/Android: Speedify is a handy way to combine multiple internet connections into one mega pipe. Now, it’s even better. In 4.0, you can send redundant data over multiple connections, and get started without an account.

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