The Four-Star General Success Method: Raise Your Standards Every Day

Most of us want to succeed and improve our life situation. We raise our standards, set goals and occasionally achieve them. However, if you really want to go far, raising those standards once isn’t enough. You have to raise them continuously.

Saying 'Done' When You Complete Tasks Might Make You More Productive

Whether you proudly announce it to the world or merely let out a sigh of satisfaction to yourself, saying “done” in an official way has a positive effect on your brain. Giving yourself plenty of “done” moments might even amp up your productivity overall.

Quickly Test Coin Cell Batteries With DIY Battery-Testing Tweezers

Some batteries can be tested just by dropping them, but coin cells can be much trickier to test. This DIY pair of battery-testing tweezers can test the polarity and charge of coin cell batteries just by picking them up.

Turn Off Emoji Text Replacements In OS X With A Simple Toggle

If you type out an old emoticon like :) into OS X, a lot of apps will autocorrect that to an emoji. If you’re not a fan of this behaviour and prefer to keep the older emoticons around, all you need to do is change a toggle in the app.

The Raspberry Pi Finder Easily Locates Your Pi's IP Address

Windows/Mac/Linux: If you’re running your Raspberry Pi in headless mode and you’re not using a static IP address, it’s a pain to find out the IP address. Adafruit has produced a simple little utility that makes the process as easy as a click of the mouse.

ADB For Chrome Sends Commands To Your Phone From Your Browser

Chrome: ADB is a handy tool for managing your rooted Android device. While it’s never been easier to install ADB on any OS, ADB for Chrome makes it even easier by installing directly to your browser.

How Do You Balance Work And Life?

Finding the right balance between work and life is tricky. We’d like to hear how you do it.

Get A Perfect Start To Your Day By Creating A 'Wake Up Happier' Spot

Your mornings don’t have to be disastrous, stress-filled affairs. You can create a “wake up happier” spot in your home to make mornings as calm or as exciting as you need them to be for a good boost to your mood.

The Organised His-And-Hers Workspace

Shared offices aren’t always easy to keep neat and organised, but this one belonging to Andrew Carretta and his wife manages to be both. Other shots of the workspace reveal some impressive organisation.

Last Week's 10 Biggest Posts

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