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De-Mystifying The Dark Corners Of Windows: The Registry, DLLs, And More Explained

If your Windows chops extend in any capacity beyond novice, you’ve no doubt encountered the ever-cryptic Windows Registry, DLL files, User Account Control and other tools with seemingly dark and mysterious powers. Here, we’ll explain some of Windows’ most confusing features, so you know exactly what’s happening when you go to edit them.

Status Board Goes Free, Adds New Dashboard Panels

Status Board is one of the best dashboard apps out there, and now it’s even better. The new version includes a new UI, multiple boards and new panels.

Countdown Adds A Simple Timer To Your Menubar

Mac: Sometimes, you just need a quickly accessible timer. Countdown is a Mac app that does just that.

Ask LH: How Can I Survive A 65-Hour Work Week?

Howdy Lifehackerinos, I’ve got some serious overtime to do as my workplace’s project deadline crunch approaches. 65 hours will be the base hours for a work week, and given that the long days and weeks will last a solid couple of months, have you got any tips to avoid fatigue and stay productive? Dealing with equally burnt-out colleagues? Maintaining healthy relationships at home?

Get Evernote's Email To Evernote Feature Back For Free With IFTTT

Evernote recently changed its policy so you’ll need a premium account to use the Email to Evernote feature more than five times a month. Thankfully, Digital Inspiration points out you can get around this limitation with If This Then That.

Lifehacker Pack For Mac 2015: Our List Of The Best Mac Apps

There’s no shortage of useful, interesting apps for the Mac, but some of them you just can’t live without. In this year’s annual Lifehacker Pack for Mac, we’re highlighting the best downloads for better productivity, communication, media management and more.

TaiG Releases iOS 8.4 Jailbreak Tool For Mac

Mac/iOS: Back in June, the TaiG team released their jailbreak tool for Windows. That was followed up by an unofficial (and glitchy) offshoot for Mac by another team in July. Now, the TaiG team has released their Mac version.

How To Tweak Windows 10 And Fix Its Minor Annoyances

Windows 10 resolves a lot of the annoyances left over from Windows 8, but it also comes with a few of its own — minor as most of them may be. Here’s how to tweak a few of the OS’s new features and fix its little quirks.

Find The Perfect Linux-Compatible PC With Ubuntu's Hardware Database

Some PCs are more difficult to run Linux on than others — it’s all about the drivers. Some laptops are available with Linux pre-installed, but plenty aren’t — even though they may make great Linux PCs. The Ubuntu Certified Hardware database helps you find Linux-compatible PCs.

This Utility Can Change Your Windows 10 Login Image

The new version of Windows curiously doesn’t allow you to change the image that displays behind the login screen when you first start your computer. This tiny utility, aptly called Windows 10 Login Background Changer, can do it for you.

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