Find Your 'Spinach Tasks' To Crush Your To-Do List

When you face your to-do list each day, you might organise it by priority or mix in some rewards. Another approach is to find out which tasks give you energy and strength, just like Popeye uses spinach.

Top 10 Gmail Labs And Features You Should Enable

As if Gmail wasn’t powerful enough, you can find all sorts of goodies and extra features in Gmail Labs. The list is pretty massive, so we’ve narrowed down our 10 favourite labs to help increase your email productivity.

Embrace Discomfort By Pursuing More 'First Times'

Discomfort is an essential part of the learning process, which is why it’s a shame we avoid it so much. Make yourself accustomed to constructive discomfort by finding new “firsts” to engage in.

Libre Office Viewer Reads Nearly Any Office File Type

Android: LibreOffice is one of our favourite office alternatives, and it stands up well to the competition. If you need to read your documents when you’re away from the computer, LibreOffice Viewer Beta can help.

How To Get Back On Track After Disappointing Yourself

You’ve probably experienced at least one time when you know you could have done better. Whether you wanted to keep a resolution, reach a goal, or do better on a project, it’s important to get back on track so you set the tone for all areas of your life.

Anger Can Become Productive Fuel If You Calm Your Aggression

Anger can be useful; it alerts you when something isn’t in your best interest, or when a situation is unfair or injust. However, anger can lead to aggressive reactions, which are often impulsive and unproductive. Separate your anger and aggression, then learn to calm your aggression to resolve problems.

Nine Quotes From Stoic Philosophers For Happier Days

Philosophy can be practical. Throughout history, some of the world’s greatest minds used stoic philosophy to endure high pressure situations and make the most of tough times. Best of all, they’re still relevant today.

Central Manuals Lets You Find And Download User Manuals For Free

Unless you can think of a clever way to store them, user manuals are kind of a hassle to keep around. When you find yourself in need of one, however, Central Manuals lets you find and download them for free in the PDF format.

Get More Out Of Evernote For iOS With Drafts And This Guide

Evernote is not exactly the most minimal, easy-to-use app on iOS. That said, you can use another app called Drafts to do a lot more with Evernote. Evernote Essentials author Brett Kelley shows off a bunch of tricks for integrating the two apps together for a better experience.

Get Over Your Fears By Remembering This Formula

We’re all scared of something, whether it’s snakes, rejection or a wild boar attack. NPR’s Invisibilia podcast takes a look why we fear things, how we deal with it, and in the end offers up a formula to keep in mind the next time you’re afraid of doing something.