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Change The Location (And Shortcut) For The Download Folder In Windows

Tweaking Windows’ built-in functionality usually involves a trip to the Registry, but sometimes you get lucky. Take the venerable Downloads folder and its shortcut in Windows Explorer — it’s extremely simple to change.

Set Up Your SSD+HDD Combo To Make The Best Use Of Space On Each With This Video

Video: SSDs are a clearly superior drive format, but they’re more expensive per gigabyte than their platter-based hard disk drives. The natural middle ground is to get an SSD for your Windows installation and an HDD for all your stuff. This video shows you how to setup both to make them work well together.

Tweetbot Adds Timeline Filters To Give Your Full Control Over Your Twitter Feed

iOS: Tweetbot got an update today with a new feature called timeline filters. It allows you set up filters of specific content to really tailor your feed to your needs.

Brother PocketJet PJ-773 Review: The Little Portable Printer That Could

A printer has a place in an office or home but what about when you’re out and about? Portable printers are useful for people who are constantly on the move for their jobs as well as for small businesses that don’t have space for a full-sized printer but still want to print basic documents. We tested out the Brother PocketJet PJ-773. Here are our thoughts on this pint-sized printer.

Deals: Discover How To Become An Irreplaceable Superstar At Work

The job market is competitive. To succeed, you need to have competitive skills to stand out from the crowd–and nothing is more important than having Microsoft Office expertise. The good news is that you can give yourself a hefty advantage – and for less – with The Complete Microsoft Office Certification Bundle, more than 90% off the RRP for Lifehacker readers.

Five Ways Working Remotely Can Improve Your Life And Team

Remote working isn’t ideal for every team — some teams and people just work better face-to-face. But if you want to give it a shot, there are distinct benefits. For both employees and employers.

Command Center Crams An iOS-Style Control Center Onto Your Mac

Mac: If you’re a fan of the Control Center in iOS, then Command Center is a Mac app worth taking a look at. It jams a Control Center-esque interface on the side of your screen, complete with an Activity Monitor to boot.

Here's How to Get Better at Time Management (And The Tools To Help You Out)

We all complain that we don’t have enough hours in the day, so here’s how to use the ones you do have more wisely.

Brain.fm Gives You Streaming Music To Focus, Relax Or Sleep To

Whether you’re trying to focus and get some work done, you need to chill out and relax, or you want something soothing to help you drift off to sleep, Brain.fm has tunes that can help you out. The compositions are completely original, so don’t expect to hear songs you know, but they do work like a charm.

This List Shows When Nexus Devices Will Stop Receiving Android Updates

Reliable Android updates are a key selling point of Google’s Nexus line of phones. Even Nexuses have an expiration date, though. Now, Google has a published list of when you can stop expecting updates for your Nexus phone or tablet.

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