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My Year With A Distraction-Free iPhone

In 2012, I realised I had a problem. My iPhone made me twitchy. I could feel it in my pocket, calling me, like the Ring called Bilbo Baggins. It distracted me from my kids. It distracted me from my wife. It distracted me anytime, anywhere. I needed to take control.

Self-Improvement Is Great, But Self-Acceptance Is Better

It’s easy to get caught up in trying to be perfect, healthier, thinner, smarter and more successful. Self improvement is a good thing, but a lot of us forget how much we need self-acceptance.

Yipgo Saves Formatted Text Notes And Appointments In The Browser

We like plain text to-do lists around here, but they naturally limit you a bit. Yipgo mitigates this by keeping the text-only interface but allowing you to designate to-dos, appointments and more with certain formats. It will then compile all the important stuff into an agenda view for you.

Disk App Simplifies Cleaning Up Your Mac's Hard Drive

Mac: There are quite a few handy tools for analysing your Mac’s disk space, but they’re all pretty complex. Disk App simplifies things to make it easy to clear up space on your hard drive.

Reset A Quirky Windows Program To Its Defaults With The Registry

When a Windows program doesn’t behave, many of us uninstall and reinstall the application — which doesn’t always work. The How-To Geek explains the different ways of erasing Windows program settings.

How Smartphone Addiction Is Bad For Your Career

The joke among lecturers goes like this: you can receive “instant feedback” on your teaching simply by observing how many texts and social media posts your students send on their mobiles during class. If a student sends 20 messages during your three-hour session, your lecture is probably lacking and has likely failed to capture much of their attention. If, on the other hand, a student only sends five texts, your lecture must be excellent.

Assume Everything You Know Is Wrong To Come Up With Better Ideas

Coming up with creative solutions to complex problems is inherently difficult. “Thinking outside the box” is counterintuitive. If you’re having trouble, get started by assuming everything you know is wrong.

Panda Is A News Feed That Keeps You Inspired And Informed

Web/Chrome: Panda combines top-rated stories and images from popular websites to keep you informed as well as inspired to make awesome things. You can even replace Chrome’s new tab page with it.

Set Up Distractions To Foster Creativity

We’ve been told to limit distractions when we want to focus. Fast Company explains why you should use distractions to foster creativity.

Take Productive Desk Breaks With Walking Tasks

We know that sitting all day is killing us, and that we should take regular standing and walking breaks. If you want to get away from your desk but still stay productive, consider some “walking tasks”.