How To Turn Your Laziness Into Efficiency

They say necessity is the mother of invention, but if that’s the case, laziness must be its father. After all, the beauty of laziness is that you’d rather do something you want to do — even if that’s nothing — than work. Let’s harness that desire and use it to be productive — -so you have more time to kick back, of course.

Boxifier Syncs Any Folder Anywhere On Your Drive To Dropbox

Windows: Dropbox is an amazing utility, but one of the occasionally frustrating limitations is that you can only sync folders within Dropbox itself. Boxifier allows you to sync folders outside of your primary Dropbox structure.

Bending The Rules: When Are Loopholes Evil?

Evil comes in many forms — some less obvious than others. Today, we want to talk about a tricky kind of evil: when are loopholes, exploits and “gaming the system” OK?

iOS 8.1 Is Now Available For Download

iOS 8.1 is now officially available for download. As promised, the big feature in this update is the return of the Camera Roll.

Train Yourself To Be A More Authentic Person By Keeping A Journal

Authenticity can be tough to develop in a world of quick meetings and email. One way to help you get better at being authentic is journalling about your encounters.

Bounce Back From A Failure With A 'Deep Tissue Post-Mortem'

We all fail but sometimes it’s hard to recover from it. Consultant Ashley Good suggests looking inward after a failure and doing a “deep tissue post-mortem”.

Break Through A Productivity Wall By Cleaning Your Work Space

If you’re having a hard to time breaking through a productivity barrier, taking a few minutes to clean your work space can help clear your mind and rid yourself of distractions.

Lessons From Doctor Who: 'Scared Is A Super Power'

Mindfulness teaches us that our physical reactions don’t need to reflect our mental states. We can’t ignore our heart racing, but we can choose our reaction. A recent episode of Doctor Who explains this lesson well.

The Inspiring Eye Level Workspace

Reader Bobby Kane makes good use of monitor stands to keep everything at eye level, and hide away unsightly speakers in his small but homey workspace.

Easily Capitalise Words In iOS With A Double-Tap And QuickType

If you like capitalising random words when you’re typing on iOS, WonderHowTo shows off a pretty simple way to do it on iOS 8.