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I'm a very low-trust person when it comes to networks. If it is at all avoidable I wont connect to a public Wi-Fi network. And even though most of the conferences and conventions I attend use passwords to secure access to their networks, I still don't trust them. For me, a VPN is now one of the first things i install on my computers, tablets and smartphones. Over the last few weeks, I've been trialling three different VPN solutions on my iPhone 7 Plus; Wangle, NordVPN and Norton WiFi Privacy. Here's what I've found.


Decent VPN software is a must these days if you are concerned with privacy and security. I never connect to a public WiFi network if I can avoid it. But if I have to, then I use a VPN service to protect myself. Wangle is an Australian made VPN app and service that had its origins in network optimisation. I chatted to their CEO, Sean Smith, and CTO Cam Worth about the company and their new mobile VPN product.