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The Windows 10 1809 update has been a bit of a disaster, with Microsoft force to halt the rollout after a spate of horror stories about user files being deleted. It got us to thinking about the company's previous big OS fail - the endlessly maligned Windows Vista.

Even now, more than a decade after the operating system was discontinued, Vista remains a running punchline. So what went wrong? In a recent blog post, ex-Microsoft VP Ben Fathi finally revealed some answers.

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Vista was bad. Coming five years after XP, it was heavily anticipated by Windows users who were impatiently awaiting something interesting from Microsoft as Apple's star was on the rise. Yet when the OS dropped publicly in January 2007, it was immediately reviled by, well, everyone (except our expert reviewers).


There's no feature of Windows Vista more loathed than the User Account Control (UAC) security feature that pops up every time you try to do anything. Here's how to permanently disable it (and possibly regain your sanity in the process).


If you've used Windows for any amount of time, you've already had to deal with the dreaded (Not Responding) frozen application—so instead of using Task Manager, why not create a shortcut to auto-kill them?


The default Firefox theme doesn't match Windows Vista very well—but with a few extensions and a Stylish script, you can customise Firefox to use a slick, well-integrated look with Vista Aero transparency effects.


Windows Vista only: The Vista for Beginners weblog walks through the process of setting up and using speech recognition macros that save you time by automating keystrokes with a voice command. Their guide covers creating macros that can do anything from launching applications, sending batches of keystrokes, inserting blocks of text, or even creating aliases for some of the default commands that might be difficult to remember—a very useful read for anybody interested in making their computer do what they say. For another take on the same topic, check out our must-read guide to controlling your PC with your voice.

Enhance Windows Speech Recognition by Using Macros