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  • 6 Indie Games on PS5 That Hit the Spot

    6 Indie Games on PS5 That Hit the Spot

    Do you have a PlayStation 5? Are you looking for games outside of the AAAs? Don’t worry folks, as in the words of All-Might… Gif: Funimation I love the indies, baby. I froth at the mouth whenever a new one pops up out of the woodworks. Of course, there are plenty of AAA games that…

  • Developer Makes First Postal Game Open Source

    Few commercial developers make the source code for their games available to the playing public for obvious reasons. However, for developer Running With Scissors and it’s 20-year old game Postal, those reasons aren’t so relevant. So, in the spirit of, uh, curiosity, the company has uploaded the title’s source, allowing anyone to take a peek.