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Looks like Apple has given up on its QuickTime media player for Windows - for good. It's been a long time coming and the company will no longer be issuing updates for the media player. Security vendor Trend Micro is urging QuickTime for Windows users to uninstall the program after finding two zero day vulnerabilities on it. Here are the details.


Antivirus vendor Trend Micro patched its anti-virus offering after being told off by a respected Google security researcher about the severity of the vulnerability. The security flaw allowed the execution of malicious code and passwords stored on the Password Manager component of the Trend Micro antivirus product. The issue was flagged by the researcher, Tavis Ormandy, who became frustrated with the vendor's sluggish response.


Trend Micro International has joined the Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance. A Gold Certified Microsoft Partner, Trend Micro has worked with Microsoft for over 20 years and says this alliance demonstrates the commitment to deliver proven security solutions from a single security provider.