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Here is how many of us make our daily to-do lists: In the AM, fuelled by coffee and morning delusion, we jot down all the tasks we hope to accomplish in the next eight (or, let's be real, 11 or 12) hours. But these lists, while well-intentioned, are often written haphazardly.


When preparing a "square" meal - you know, the kind with a protein and at least two sides - I rarely struggle with the actual cooking. I can cook a chicken, mash some potatoes, and roast a pan of broccoli without any issue. But timing it all so everything ends up on the table simultaneously - hot and ready - is what gives me trouble.


When it comes to grilling over charcoal, timing is everything, and it can be difficult to know exactly when to start cooking that juicy steak or ear of corn. To help solve this dilemma, the good people at Bon Appetit mapped out a grilling timeline, and put it on a handy infographic.