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How Australia’s New Coronavirus Saliva Tests Work

A cornerstone of containing the COVID-19 pandemic is widespread testing to identify cases and prevent new outbreaks emerging. This strategy is known as “test, trace and isolate”. The standard test so far has been the swab test, in which a swab goes up your nose and to the back of…

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Why Victoria’s Coronavirus Contact Tracing Teams Are Under the Pump

The emergence of significant community transmission of COVID-19 in Melbourne over the past week is greatly concerning to the whole of Australia. Earlier this week, Victoria’s chief health officer Brett Sutton said the state was struggling to cope with the volume of contact tracing required for more than 2,500 people…

restrictions second Store owner putting up a closed sign in the window. Sign says: sorry were closed

Why Following Coronavirus Restrictions Is Harder the Second Time Around

With residents in ten Melbourne postcodes banned from non-essential travel until at least July 29, the need for continued vigilance is clear. Across Victoria, the ongoing spike in coronavirus cases means a range of restrictions are still in place, yet for people outside the worst-affected areas these restrictions may seem…