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There was a time when building a website took a lot of expertise. You needed to be part coder and part graphic designer if you wanted to DIY. Or you needed some money so you could hire someone with those skills. But today, creating a nice website for personal or business use is far easier.

Platforms like Wordpress or Drupal make it easy to create sites and apply your own designs. But they still require some coding and other skills to get the most from them. That's where GoDaddy's Website Builder comes in. It lets you create a free site that looks great and offers a decent range of features for no upfront cost.


Journalists, and bloggers who pose as journalists, get a lot of pitches over email. I get about 20 a day, so I'm pretty heavy on the archive button. But if you're trying to pitch something you've worked on, and you aren't a professional publicist, you're actually at an advantage. Last month, game developer Andrew Miller asked me for advice on how to pitch his work for coverage. Here's what I told him.