samsung galaxy note 9

  • Revealed: The Phone With The Fastest 4G Speeds (For Now)

    Revealed: The Phone With The Fastest 4G Speeds (For Now)

    Nobody likes waiting for stuff to load on their phone. Whether it’s blank webpages or streaming sites buffering, we look to our handheld computers for an instant connection and instant gratification, and it’s just so annoying when they fail us—or take forever to load a silly video.

  • Five Ways The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Beats Apple iPhone XS

    Now that the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are out some folks will be standing at their local phone store wondering whether to outlay megabucks for Apple’s new uber-phones or splash out on a smartphone from Samsung’s Galaxy range. What are the key factors when choosing between the latest Apple smartphones and the Samsung…

  • Rapid Review: Samsung Galaxy Note 9

    The Galaxy Note series is the quintessential stylus-equipped smartphone. This time around, Samsung has significantly enhanced the S Pen via Bluetooth functionality. It also boasts an improved camera, more RAM and a bigger battery than its 2017 predecessor. But is it worth the eye-watering starting price of $1499? Let’s find out.