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Billions of accounts have been compromised. From Yahoo’s multiple breaches to Facebook's Cambridge Analytica scandal and Equifax’s data leakages, no one is safe from malicious hacks. In short, the cyber world is becoming increasingly hostile and its not just big businesses that need to worry.

Every single person using the internet today should use proven password strategies. Take steps to make your personal information safer by following these seven password tips.

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The password itself is crappy. It’s a fundamentally flawed mechanism for securing our accounts and data that should have died long ago. That means poorly crafted passwords are doubly bad. But with the release of iOS 12 and recent updates to Android, truly terrible passwords—your 123456, facebookpassw0rd, or dEadP3tsnAme—have lost all reason to exist.


Every time we write about passwords on Lifehacker, a few readers share their secret formula for creating passwords. According to Ryan Merchant, senior manager at the password manager Dashlane, those formulas are easy to hack.