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Whether you're running your own business, working as a book-keeper or accountant for someone else, or the the IT guy making sure the business has access to the tools they need there's one software category you have to keep in your business' application kitbag. That's accounting software. But today's applications go far further than double-entry accounting, raising invoices and producing a monthly or quarterly report for the tax office. They integrate with warehouse and logistics applications, point of sale terminals and other systems making them the heart of your business' backoffice. Two of the biggest players on the market are the veteran MYOB and Xero.


If you're a small business owner dreaming of one-day retiring comfortably, new research suggests that the dream may be out of reach. According to a study by cloud accounting provider MYOB, a majority of small and medium business (SMB) owners will be unable to retire with over one-third of them currently not contributing to their own superannuation. Read on to find out more.