Tax Updates For Payroll Software Are Running Late This Year

When the new financial year begins in a fortnight in Australia, corporate payroll software will need to have been updated to take account of relevant taxation changes. It looks like that process will be going right down to the wire for several vendors.

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The Register notes that Oracle has only just sent out compliance patches for its on-premises payroll software. MYOB is running even further behind, promising the patches by late June.

In theory, cloud accounting providers can make these updates more easily, since they don't need to be rolled out to individual sites. But even they can't finalise patches until legislation passes through Parliament, which can happen very close to the change of financial year given when the annual Federal budget lands.

Compliance updates for Australian money management apps arriving nastily late [The Register]


    Actually, the ATO messed up and withdrew tax tables after publishing them. They now say the tax tables will be issued by 19th.

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