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Who says men can't use makeup and other beauty products marketed toward women? With the help of some nice people at a local makeup store (and my girlfriend), I found some items that even the manliest of men can use discreetly and comfortably. Trust me, the only thing people will notice is how good you look.


I have extremely oily skin, which I choose to see as a plus: Sure, I spent my 20s fighting stubborn nodulocystic acne, but maybe all that extra oil means I'll age more slowly than my dry-skinned peers. Unfortunately, any anti-ageing effects are probably negated by the grimacing I do when someone insists my skin is oily because I don't moisturise enough. Sorry - "reactive seborrhea" is full-on bull.


Moisturisers, lotions, and even lip balms keep your skin smooth as the weather gets dry because they prevent water from migrating and evaporating out of your skin. This video from the American Chemical Society shows you exactly how they work.