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If you're using a Windows 10 machine, you might want to consider disabling Cortana — at least on the Lock Screen — if you aren't planning to install the latest Windows updates for whatever reason. (And, generally, do you really need a smart assistant helping you out when your PC is locked?)


Many companies have been adopting a 'cloud first' strategy but momentum on that front is slowing down as security risks and challenges take hold. That's the main finding from a report released by McAfee this week, with data loss and cyberattacks affecting deployment plans and the perception of the cloud as a safe option.


McAfee will no longer allow governments to review their source code. Russian defence agencies have been reviewing the code for some time, in order to certify that the software is safe. But fearing that any vulnerabilities that are found and kept secret and then weaponised by intelligence agencies, the company is stopping the practice.