Cloud Security Remains Challenging As ‘Cloud First’ Slows Down

Cloud Security Remains Challenging As ‘Cloud First’ Slows Down
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Many companies have been adopting a ‘cloud first’ strategy but momentum on that front is slowing down as security risks and challenges take hold. That’s the main finding from a report released by McAfee this week, with data loss and cyberattacks affecting deployment plans and the perception of the cloud as a safe option.

The report, titled Navigating a Cloudy Sky: Practical Guidance and the State of Cloud Security [registration required], notes that while cloud adoption, as reported by the sample of 1400 IT professionals surveyed by McAfee, was up from 93 percent to 97 percent over the year before, the number of companies with a ‘cloud first’ strategy has dropped from 82 percent to just 65 percent. Fewer than seven in ten of those professionals trust the public cloud to keep their sensitive data secure.

A quarter of the businesses in the survey reported that they had has data lost or stolen from IaaS and SaaS services with 20 percent suffering attacks on their cloud infrastructure. These attacks and challenges, coupled with the shortage of skilled personnel has resulted in 40% of the IT managers surveyed slowing down their adoption of cloud services.

The allocation of IT security budgets currently sits at an average of 27 per cent but that’s set to increase to 37 percent over the next year. So, while there’s a slow-down on moving to cloud services, the amount of money being allocated to cloud security is set to increase, presumably through an investment in tools and services, rather than adding more people as the labour market for security professionals is constrained.

Unfortunately, the report doesn’t break down where the survey respondents are from.

How is your cloud migration moving along? Are security issues holding you back? What are you doing about them? Or are you pushing along with plans to move to the cloud?

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