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While many retailers see Amazon's price and range as a significant threat to their business, for shoppers, the rubber really hits the road when it comes to shipping. A big part of Amazon's advantage in overseas markets comes from their ability to get products into buyers' hands quickly and efficiently. And high shipping costs are one of the big reasons Aussies don't complete online transactions.


Of all the technology I read about, blockchain most feels like a solution people are trying to apply to the wrong problems. The application of blockchain as a platform for crytopcurrencies is the most well-known use, but governments and private businesses are looking to use it in other areas, notably identity. Dr Mark Staples, from Data61 is an expert in blockchain and a number of other technologies. I spoke with him at the recent Data61+LIVE event in Melbourne.

Predicting the future is near impossible -- but that doesn‘t stop us all from having a red hot go. Human beings have been predicting the future since the beginning of history and the results range from the hilarious to the downright uncanny.

One thing all future predictions have in common: they‘re rooted in our current understanding of how the world works. It‘s difficult to escape that mindset. We have no idea how technology will evolve, so our ideas are connected to the technology of today.


Amazon’s entry into the Australian retail next year is already hitting retailers hard. But it’s not just bricks and mortar stores that will be hurt. All those goods Amazon will be shipping, either from their own warehouses or from resellers who take advantage of Amazon’s market place will need to get to customers like you and me. That means warehouses, planes and trucks will be needed - and it will put entire supply chains and logistics providers under new pressure.


The recent United Airlines debacle shows the worst side of overselling flights. There's the grossly oversold flights to begin with, the complete refusal to entertain any thought of the airline taking a hit as a result of its stuff-up, and then the heinous communications afterwards. But it doesn't have to be that way. There's a smart way to do it, and it's a method that can benefit many other businesses as well.