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Linux users have more text editors, IDEs, and command-line tools than a programmer can shake a stick at. If you're looking for a good programming text editor, we recommend Kate. It's super easy to get started with, but is quite powerful and has lots of great plugins to beef it up.


Whether you can't live without that one Windows app or you just want to try out a new Linux distro, virtualisation is a great way to go. Our favourite virtualisation app for Linux is the free, powerful VirtualBox.


Linux users have a few calendar programs to choose from, but none of them are particularly spectacular -- in fact, most of them aren't very good at all. As such, we're bending the rules of the App Directory and recommending that you use the awesome Google Calendar webapp for all your scheduling needs.


Linux has quite a few PDF readers available, but Okular stands out as the best of the bunch, due to its ability to comment on, highlight, and otherwise annotate PDFs.