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I really hate running. I've always hated running. Every time I decide to give running a try (again), I think about how much I'd rather be biking, lifting heavy things, or doing anything else (except squats). However, when I do go running, I use the free C25k app to try and guide me toward longer and better runs.


When I started at Lifehacker last July, I quickly got into a routine of plonking myself at my desk and sitting there all day, barely moving out of my chair. Though I was no Herculean physical specimen beforehand, my previous job was far more physical, so I began losing my fitness quickly at a desk. Battling my belly and lethargy, I decided to take up running. It sucked.

But I learnt to make it suck much less.


There's nothing like an ambitious goal to focus your training, and running a marathon definitely fits the bill. Plenty of mere mortals have completed the 42km race, but it takes time, planning and, of course, an appropriate level of fitness. Here's how to know if a marathon is a realistic goal for you.


It happens to all of us at some point in our running: our improvements stop. Our race times flat-line. And we wonder, "Is this all I'm capable of accomplishing?" Performance plateaus in running are common -- but thankfully, almost all runners can reach new levels of performance if they work hard and smart.