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I really hate running. I've always hated running. Every time I decide to give running a try (again), I think about how much I'd rather be biking, lifting heavy things, or doing anything else (except squats). However, when I do go running, I use the free C25k app to try and guide me toward longer and better runs.


When I started at Lifehacker last July, I quickly got into a routine of plonking myself at my desk and sitting there all day, barely moving out of my chair. Though I was no Herculean physical specimen beforehand, my previous job was far more physical, so I began losing my fitness quickly at a desk. Battling my belly and lethargy, I decided to take up running. It sucked.

But I learnt to make it suck much less.


It happens to all of us at some point in our running: our improvements stop. Our race times flat-line. And we wonder, "Is this all I'm capable of accomplishing?" Performance plateaus in running are common -- but thankfully, almost all runners can reach new levels of performance if they work hard and smart.