ikea food addict

  • What I Learned From A Week Of Eating Nothing But IKEA Food

    When I announced my plan to eat only food sourced from IKEA for an entire week, most people had a simple reaction: “Why?” Leaving aside the two obvious answers (“meatballs are awesome” and “I’m a strange guy”), I figured the experience might actually offer useful lessons. These are those lessons.

  • IKEA Food Addict Day 4: Hot Dogs And Tight Buns

    For me, meatballs are the iconic IKEA food, but past experience tells me that a lot of Lifehacker readers believe that the el cheapo hot dog sold at the Bistro are a delight not to be missed. So when I planned my week-long IKEA eating experience, I made sure to include an evening visit to…

  • Why I’m Only Eating IKEA Food This Week

    I’m already addicted to IKEA hacking, Swedish pop music and weird dietary challenges, so this was inevitable. Throughout this week, everything that I eat will be sourced from IKEA. Can I escape the fate of meatballs at every meal?