IKEA Food Addict Day 3: Meatballs To Microwave

On the first day of my idiotic personal challenge to eat nothing but food from IKEA for a week, I baked 62 meatballs to provide me with lunch options throughout the week. On day 3, I have to see how well a two-day-old container filled with meatballs, mash, gravy and lingonberry jam holds up.

When I first opened up the container, things did not look promising. The mash had the texture of lightly rendered concrete. However, after a quick three minutes in the office microwave, things were much more appealing. The potatoes reverted to a regular and edible texture and the meatballs tasted damn good.

That said, 15 meatballs is a slightly ridiculous amount of protein to be eating in a single sitting (though that is the number you receive in a large serve if you eat in-store at IKEA if I recall correctly). I certainly didn't suffer any hunger pangs that necessitated diving into my emergency crispbread supplies.

Day 4 will see an important development (at least if reader comments are any guide): I will eat an IKEA hot dog. Tune in tomorrow to see how that pans out.


    15 meatballs.. sounds... gassy...

      just wait until he hits the hot dogs!!!

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