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Remember, You Are Not Your Child’s Teacher

The other day, I randomly came across a post I wrote way back at the beginning of April when we were just 2-3 weeks into the pandemic. It was titled, “If You’re Struggling to Parent Right Now, You’re Not Alone,” and it reads now like a time capsule of grief….

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Use a Smart Speaker to Structure Your Kid’s At-Home School Day

One of the perks of in-person school is the structure it brings to your kids’ day: There’s a schedule for students to follow, with clear start and finish times for each period, probably marked by a bell, and possible consequences for tardiness.

Should You Give ‘Unschooling’ A Try?

Should You Give ‘Unschooling’ A Try?

Most of us have been home with our kids for at least a month. My kids have been home since March 6 (but who’s counting?), and although we are happy to keep our distance as long as necessary, I desperately long for the days when I could drop my girls…