How To Cope With A Cheapskate Friend

How To Cope With A Cheapskate Friend

It’s one thing to be frugal. You know what you want to spend money on, and you prioritise it. You know where you don’t want to spend money, and you minimise that spending. But you’re far from militant, and you can be known to cut loose with your money from…

How To Be Less Intimidating

Have people told you that you’re intimidating and you just don’t know why? You may be giving off signals that say “don’t mess with me” without realising it.

Why Needy People Might Make You Uncomfortable

Sure, needy people can be annoying (and I say this as a very needy person). However, our feelings about a person who is vocal about his or her needs is often a reflection of how we feel about our own needs. Like most human behaviour, it’s complicated. The School of…