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VLC is easily one of our favourite media players (and yours too). While it can handle nearly every movie you throw at it, it can also do so much more. You don’t need to be a power user to understand all of its incredible, built-in features; you just need to know they exist. And we’re happy to show you everything amazing VLC can do on your desktop PC.


Hey Lifehacker, My hobby is collecting old VHS tapes bought from op shops, but I don't want to ruin the tapes by watching them repeatedly. Is it legal to transfer the tapes to DVD? Similarly, is it legal to transfer cassettes onto CD? The answers online seem to conflict wildly.


Need to figure out the best time for a conference call across time zones? Want to count the days between two dates? TimeAndDate.com is one of those all-in-one web tools that people often seem to forget about, but its recent redesign and new time zone map means it deserves another look.


It's a bit strange Google Docs doesn't open CSV files natively considering it's a common format. However, you don't have to load up Excel just to check out those files. As tech blog Digital Inspiration points out, it's easy to convert CSV files directly in Google Docs to make them readable.


Windows/Mac: There are a plethora of audio converters out there, so why do we need any new ones? Some programs have a steep learning curve and many of the easy-to-use ones aren't free. With MobileHuman's Audio Converter you can click and drag tracks to and from eight popular formats without having to know anything about digital audio.


Windows: Many Lifehacker readers use Handbrake for converting media to watching on tablets and smartphones, but even with a graphical front end it can be a bit overwhelming. If you want a simpler means of converting video files, RockPod 2 is a straightforward way of doing it.


If you've ever needed to convert media on your Mac to various formats you've probably accumulated a collection of various applications that serve some functions and not others. Adapter saves you the trouble by letting you convert just about any audio, video or image file to the format you need.


Another addition to the list of useful things Google will report in its search results without sending you to another page: currency conversion. Type in a query like "10 USD into AUD" and a relatively current conversion will appear.