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Mr Robot is a fictional TV drama following the life and times of security engineer, hacker and cyber-vigilante Elliot Alderson. The show has won plaudits for turning hacktivism and cybersecurity into exciting television -- but is any of it accurate? During a recent Reddit AMA, Kasperksy Lab's global director Costin Raiu weighed in on the authenticity of the show. Read on for his opinion.


Believe it or not, not all hackers are malicious. Ethical hackers are experts hired to support organizations and governments and keep their systems secure. These ethical hackers provide expertise to protect citizens and regular people from malicious hackers. We recently sat down with one to learn more about the most effective tactics and strategies you can use to protect yourself from malicious hackers.


In the spirit of Lifehacker's evil week, this week's profile focuses on a programmer who -- while not actually evil in any sense of the word -- operated on the wrong side of the law more often than not. Notable both for being an iconic figure in the hacking community and for working with Apple's Steve Wozniak in the early days of Apple, meet John Draper -- computer programmer and phone phreak extraordinaire.