• Death to Watery Coleslaw

    Death to Watery Coleslaw

    I love coleslaw of all kinds. I love sweet slaw, tangy, vinegary slaw, and hot slaw that’s been dressed with a little pepper jelly. What I don’t love is watery slaw. If you’ve ever observed coleslaw that’s been sitting out for a few hours, you know what I’m talking about. The mixture of cabbage and…

  • Give Your Coleslaw the Wedge Salad Treatment

    Give Your Coleslaw the Wedge Salad Treatment

    Ever since I read that Ina Garten puts blue cheese in her coleslaw, I have been obsessed with a concept I’ve decided to call “wedgeslaw,” a coleslaw made with all the usual wedge salad accoutrement. Today I finally made it a reality, and it is all I dreamed it would be (and a little more).