classical music

How To Find Classical Music You Actually Like

Video: Classical music has been evolving for centuries, so there are all different kinds of sounds. That means that if you hate one kind, you can still love several other kinds. Hate opera? You still might love the orchestra. Symphonies too overwhelming? Try some shorter, sparer chamber music.

How To Really Appreciate Classical Music

Video: Mozart wrote a party song called “Kiss My Arse”. The filthy lyrics (“kiss my arse, quickly, quickly”) weren’t discovered until 1991. This is the stuff you’d learn if The A.V. Club was doing interviews in the 1700s. And it’s another great way to appreciate classical music. Just like pop…

The Winter Classical Playlist

Though Australia is getting further into summer, winter has come in the US where, as the weather gets colder, staying indoors looks even more appealing than it normally does. Even so, you don’t have to be cold to appreciate this playlist and chill out to classical music with a wintery…