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It's about nine months from the time Apple usually reveals their new iPhone but that doesn't mean the leaks and speculation about the next iPhone aren't starting to circulate. If information from previously accurate leaker OnLeaks are to be believed, the next iPhone will deliver a three-camera array with a rear-facing microphone in a body that will be otherwise similar to the current generation.


CES, the consumer technology showcase held each year in Las Vegas, highlights what are meant to be the latest and greatest advancements in technology. Things meant to make you go "whoa" many times over, at least according to this year's official CES billboards.

But as one observer remarked, this year's felt more "no" than whoa, with wacky gadgets you don't need and voice recognition robots that failed to understand commands or didn't respond at all.


Every year the Consumer Electronics Show features gadgets from manufacturers designed to both show off their technical achievements while giving consumers a glimpse of what will soon be on store shelves. Whether people decide to purchase said products is another story. Sure, that rollable television might be cool and up for grabs by Christmastime, but here's the tech that will actually matter in 2018.