How To Stop Breastfeeding Without A Struggle

While my first child self-weaned early on, simply refusing to nurse once she decided she was done, my 18-month old son is still a breastfeeding fiend. In fact, he refers to me exclusively as “Boob.” (Who says mothers get no glory?)

Part-Time Breastfeeding Is A Totally Valid Option

If you intended to breastfeed your child, but end up wanting or needing to give formula, you may think you’ve switched teams: You’re now a formula feeder. But it isn’t an all-or-nothing choice, and part-time breastfeeding has important benefits.

Don’t Take Your Baby To A Chiropractor

If you have a baby, and if something is wrong with that baby (something always seems wrong), somebody will suggest that you take your baby to a chiropractor. Perhaps you will hear this recommendation even when nothing is wrong. Friends, do not take your baby to the chiropractor.