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Our society is replete with tales about the unobserved abuse of vulnerable people – in schools, kindergartens, child care facilities, psychiatric institutions, hospitals and the aged care facilities highlighted in the two-part ABC Four Corners report. Institutions are under pressure to deploy CCTV to deter abuse and provide evidence for discipline or prosecution. But this is controversial because it erodes the privacy of people in care, staff and visitors.

Some people are taking surveillance into their own hands by using private recording devices to detect abuse and thereby protect a loved one. But is this actually legal? Let's find out.


At a recent event, a number of experts contributed to a panel discussion on how technology is changing how health care is being delivered to our aging population. And while technology offers lots of opportunities, it comes with many challenges. The services needed by older people and their carers are delivered by many different providers, funded under different state and federal models with myriad regulatory obligations. And as our population ages the need for high quality services to be delivered efficiently is growing. Technology can help but there are many challenges.