Adam Webster

  • What You Need To Know About Double Dissolution Elections

    Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on Monday laid down an ultimatum to the Senate: pass the government’s industrial relations legislation or face a double-dissolution election. Adelaide Law School lecturer Adam Webster explains how double-dissolution elections work and why Australia might soon be having one.

  • Mastering Mobile Apps With Azure

    For me, today at TechEd North America 2013 has been all about mobile applications, the different toolsets that are used and the different platforms. I attended three sessions which looked at different aspects of coding, push notifications, authentication methods and the publishing of applications into the application store.

  • Adam Webster: What I Hope To Learn At TechEd

    Come Monday, Team Lifehacker will be in New Orleans for TechEd North America, the climax of our World Of Servers adventure. Our series on what we’re hoping to learn continues with our first contest winner from this year, Adam Webster.