Wrap Your New iMac in Black If You Hate Bezels, Joy, and Money

Wrap Your New iMac in Black If You Hate Bezels, Joy, and Money

Apple recently unveiled its M1 iMac models for 2021. The new desktop computers come in a variety of joyful hues: blue, green, orange, pink, purple, yellow, and classic Mac silver. While the available colour options differ between the new iMac’s various hardware configurations, they all have one thing in common: white bezels.

If your preferred look is a bit more space grey than that, Dbrand is offering up matte-black skins for the new iMacs. They’re available for pre-order right now, and they cover up the 24-inch iMac’s bezel, front panel, or body with a matte-black finish — and only matte black. “You want black iMac skins. That’s all we’re going to sell,” reads the custom skin’s store page.

If you really hate those happy hues, too, tricking out your new M1 iMac with a full matte black skin job will cost you: The custom bezel is $US49.95 ($64), the matching front panel skin is another $US59.95 ($77), and the main body skin is yet another $US499.95 ($644).

Wrap Your New iMac in Black If You Hate Bezels, Joy, and Money

That’s nearly $US610 ($785) to customise your new M1 iMac with a full matte-black finish, or almost half of the price of the new M1 iMacs themselves (which start at $US1,299 ($1,672) for the 7-core GPU, and $US1,499 ($1,930) for the 8-core GPU model). Heck, you could pretty much buy a new Mac Mini for the price of your skin job.

However, that premium price may net you additional benefits outside of the slicker appearance. Dbrand uses high-quality 3M vinyl, which could help protect your iMac’s surface from scratches, smudges, and other superficial damage. Even just using the custom bezel could help your iMac retain value, which could pay off if you decide to sell it in a few years.

Dbrand’s store page also says the skins are easy to apply and won’t damage the iMac or leave a residue when removed. And so far, they are the only company offering custom skins for the new 2021 iMacs — so if you want a colour other than black, you’re out of luck. But considering how many companies out there sell custom skins for older 23-inc and 27-inch iMac models and how ugly people find the 2021 iMacs already, it’s likely just a matter of time before other skins show up from places like SlickWraps and Uniqfind, not to mention independent Etsy makers. Keep an eye out if the thought of paying $US600 ($773) to wrap your iMac feels even worse than getting hit with the Apple Tax.


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