Learn About Woodworking, Baking And Electronics With Instructables Classes

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Instructables is a great site for finding neat projects or learning new skills, but locating quality content can be hit and miss. If you want an alternative to digging around, you can always hit up "Instructables Classes", a curated section full of fantastic, well-produced video tutorials.

At the moment, there are 35 courses, covering everything from cake decorating and concrete, to leather-working and pasta-making.

Some of the courses are short, with just six or seven lessons, but others like 3D printing come with 17. Each course has a description of what's involved, including a blurb about the teacher, the number of people enrolled and the difficulty level.

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It looks like Intructables plans to expand the number of courses over time, with a suggestion box allowing users to submit their own lesson ideas.

Check out all the current courses at the link below.

Classes [Instructables]


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