Video Briefly: First Contact, Triple-Screened Laptops, Impossible Puzzles

Image: Kotaku

Brief video items of note for Lifehacker readers: Gamers make first contact with aliens, a TV as thin as an iPhone, crazy triple-screened gaming laptops.

  • Players of space exploration game Elite: Dangerous have made first contact with an alien species after years of teasing hints. See what they look like on Kotaku.
  • How many 4K screens does a laptop need? According to Razer, three. Watch Gizmodo have a play around with the 'Project Valerie' prototype at CES this week.
  • How thin is your phone? This TV from Xiaomi is even thinner than an iPhone. If it comes to Australia it'll probably cost an arm and a leg — but don't let that stop you from ogling it over on Business Insider.
  • If you thought you were good at puzzles, the Xbox will make you think differently. Not the console — a small, wooden puzzlebox that looks hard as hell to solve. Check out how it works over on Kotaku.


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