Officeworks Introduces Pint-Sized Parcel Satchel For Small Businesses

Officeworks Introduces Pint-Sized Parcel Satchel For Small Businesses

Christmas is coming and small businesses in the retail sector will be sending their goods out to customers over this period. Officeworks has brought out a cheap 500g pre-paid satchel offering for businesses that need to send smaller items. The office supplies retailer did this after conducting research on the postage habits of small businesses. Here’s what you need to know.

Officeworks surveyed over 1000 small business owners and found that the industries that delivers the most parcels are retail, health, medicine and personal services. Here are the key findings of the research:

  • 44% see price as the most important consideration when choosing how to send parcels. Speed came in at a distant second at 18%.
  • A quarter of small businesses that send parcels spend over $100 a month on postage
  • 90% of small business owners state 500g satchels are the postage product of choice
  • Retail (67%) and health and medicine personal service industries (74%) are the most frequent users of the 500g satchel, posting anything from once to eight (plus) times a week
  • Popular items sent via delivery services include; important documents (44%), clothing (19%) and spare parts (15%)

Officeworks has now introduced a smaller satchel option for Mailman, its flat rate pre-paid parcel delivery service in Australia. Prices start from $7 for a 500g parcel with no additional fees for delivery to remote or regional locations. Mailmail, however, doesn’t deliver to PO boxes, parcel lockers or remote islands.

You can visit the Mailman website for more information.