Here’s A Map Of Where Netflix’s 4669 Servers Are Located Around The World

Netflix has been quite open in outlining the basics of how its content delivery network (CDN) works but has been tightlipped on where its servers are actually located. A group of researchers have found a way to track 4669 of Netflix’s server locations and put them on a neat little map. See it for yourself.

Researchers from Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) traced server names that are sent to a user’s computer every time they play content on Netflix to find the location of the 4669 servers. They have been found to be scattered across 243 locations around the world.

QMUL network expert Steve Uhlig, who led the mapping project, told IEEE Spectrum that continual monitoring of server locations will provide a better understanding of what Netflix plans to do with its business globally:

“The evolution will reveal more about the actual strategy they are following… That’s a bit of the frustrating part about having only the snapshot. You can make guesses about why they do things in a specific market, but it’s just guesses.”

The full map of the Netflix servers is below. You can find out more about the methodology QMUL researchers used to track the server locations in the research report.

(IXP = Internet exchange points)

[Via IEEE Spectrum]

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