All The Stuff iCloud Syncs Besides The Obvious

All The Stuff iCloud Syncs Besides The Obvious

We all know that iCloud syncs up items like photos, contacts, reminders, calendar events, and iMessage conversations, but chances are you’ve noticed that it also syncs up a few other little things. Finer Things in Tech is putting together a list of those unexpected synced items.

Here’s the list of different items synced through iCloud they have come up with so far:

Text shortcuts in Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement   Signatures in Preview for Mac, under Tools > Signatures (iOS doesn’t have Preview yet, but they appear in Mail if you tap a PDF, then the toolbox at the top. A reply is created and PDF tools appear. Check the bar at the bottom for your signatures)   Stocks   Weather   Wifi connections / Settings, if iCloud Keychain is enabled   Favorites you mark in Maps with the share sheet (a great way to keep track of businesses, the day’s errands, or vacation spots without junking up Contacts)   Learned Dictionary words   iTunes wishlist   Playback positions in Apple’s Podcasts app   Blocked numbers between Messages on all devices and   Call history between iPhones, or on iPad and Mac in FaceTime > Audio   Safari tabs   Reading position in iBooks

Some of these are pretty surprising, especially Wi-Fi connections and the signatures in Preview, which I didn’t know about. Head over to Finer Things in Tech for more, as the list is likely to grow over time.

A list of all the other things iCloud syncs [Finer Things in Tech]