Build Your Own Phone Using A Raspberry Pi

Smartphones aren’t expensive these days, but if you’d prefer to build your own, DIYer David Hunt shows off how to use a Raspberry Pi as a phone.

The build here costs $US158, which means it’s probably cheaper to buy a phone off the shelf. Still, this one’s fully customisable. It uses a touch screen, a Raspberry Pi, a GSM/GPRS module, and a few other parts. You’d obviously need to build a case for it to actually use it, but if you’re in the mood to create your own phone (and learn some extra electronics in the process), this is worth investigating.

PiPhone – A Raspberry Pi based Smartphone [David Hunt via Raspberry Pi]


  • A bunch of boards held together with straps – but hey, it works. The next step would be to integrate some parts [3v to 5v DC converter] into a PC board, OR run everything at 3V…

    The Beaglebone Black has been hacked to run directly from a 3V Lithium battery, that fits snugly between the 2 rows of connector sockets. It also has LCD panels [although typically more expensive than the 2.8″ AdFruit display used here].

    All you need is a stackable 3V version of the GSM module.

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