What Conveniences Are You Willing To Pay For?

What Conveniences Are You Willing To Pay For?

We’re all about being frugal here at Lifehacker, but sometimes convenience is worth the price. Maybe cooking just isn’t in the cards for you and eating out is worth the cost. Or perhaps you enjoy the time you save having your laundry done for you.

Photo by Paul Fenwick

So we’re curious. What conveniences are worth spending a little extra on?


  • I pre-order my lunches from a cafe very conveniently located from my office, on Monday each week, so I just have to pop in and grab it at lunchtime. Beats having to think about it the night before or getting up early to make something when you don’t have an appetite.

  • We have a fortnightly cleaner, which costs $90 (split between myself and my two flatmates). That’s a little less than I make in one hours work, and considering how long it would take for me to clean the house myself (and the fact that I can’t do it nearly as well as the cleaners can!!) it is definitely a convenience I am willing to pay for.

  • Dog Washing and Clipping, Gardening and Lawn mowing for the same reason as April. The cost is less per hour than I make at work and he does a far better job than I care to do.

  • Toll roads, give me my damn toll roads – I want to be home and to work as quick as possible!

    Build the East West link road, ALL of it! (I hate the West Gate bridge freeway – Yesterday proved we need another way out, what was normally a 10-15min trip blew out to over an 1hr cause someone had an accident further out on the Princes Fwy and it killed the entire road for hours all the way out the tunnel out East…

    Connect the Ring Road to the East Link as well….

    I will pay for it with Tolls….just makes my life easier

  • Like @n7of9, I find the benefits of flying higher-priced fares on reputable airlines worth the cost. Travel can be very pleasurable, it just takes a little cash. Airline lounges are worth every point or dollar.

  • Like some above I love my fortnightly cleaner – costs about 1.5 hours of what I make and I hate cleaning. Thee’s no point making a half-decent living if you can’t treat yourself.

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