The Best Uses For IFTTT’s Feed Channel

The Best Uses For IFTTT’s Feed Channel

Webapp automation service If This Then That lets you pull information from one service (a channel, in IFTTT parlance) and plug it into another service. The Feed channel (for RSS and ATOM web feeds) has been around long enough to gain thousands of recipes, so it’s no surprise you can do some very cool stuff. We rounded up some of the best.

Cross-Link Social Networks

Wouldn’t it be nice if when you posted to one social network, that post was automatically delivered to other social networks for you? Or if you could automatically post to a social network when a new item pops up in an RSS feed? Well, IFTTT lets you do just that:

Learn About New Kickstarter Projects

There are so many new Kickstarter projects every day, it can be hard to keep track, especially when you’re only interested in certain categories of projects. IFTTT can help with that, too:

Bonus: These are just samples. It’s very easy to modify any of these recipes to deliver email about new projects in whatever category you want.

Get Your Daily Dose Of Web Comics

There are so many great web comics out there to enjoy. Sure, you could add them to your feed reader of choice, but there are other ways to enjoy them as well:

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