Start A Pirate Radio Station With A Raspberry Pi And A Single Wire

Ever wanted to start your own pirate radio station to broadcast your tunes over FM? Make shows how you can do it with just a Raspberry Pi and a single piece of wire.

An FM transmitter is handy for all kinds of things. With it, you can broadcast to pretty much any device in your house or to other people nearby at an event. The process takes about an hour to complete. You'll make a simple FM transmitter from a wire and make a disk image for the Raspberry Pi. Then, you'll simply add your favourite songs to the Pi and you're all set. Head over to Make for the full guide.

Raspberry Pirate Radio [Make]


    clever, just be aware of the legalities.

      yes...which the article could have outlined...

        because the word "pirate" means legal

    Legal or not, being able to cover my whole house with my radio station is handy, mainly because I still use a radio while doing chores.

    Because people now associate the word pirate with legal?

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